PK King S518 Analyzer Poker Cheating Device for Casino Gambling

Color: White, black…

Material: Plastic

Language: English

Outer Package: Paper carton

Scanning distance: 25-40cm

Battery: Not changeable; rechargeable

Application: Omaha, Texas hold’em, Flush and so on

Product ID: IIMC00152

The PK King S518 Poker Card Analyzer is a device for calculating first and second hands in poker gambling. Simply place your phone in a position where the Poker Analyzer can scan the barcodes of the marked poker cards. PK S518 poker hand analyzer allows him to scan two decks of poker cards at the same time, while other analyzers allow him to scan only one deck at a time.

The PK S518 looks similar to Samsung. It also has the same functionality as a real phone, so it won’t attract the attention of other players. You can use the analyzer to call someone, send a message, or take a picture. PK King S518 Poker Analyzer supports at most he 5 poker games, but other poker games he only supports 3 games. It is very cost effective as you can play more games on one machine.

The PK S518 poker winning system does not accommodate back his marked cards. Works with playing cards with barcodes. PK King S518’s program can analyze the barcode information and predict the gambling winner based on the information. And you can tell the result through bluetooth earphone.

Weight 0.1 kg


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