Modiano Barcode Marked Cards Poker with Competitive Price

Cards type: Barcode marked cards for poker analyzer

Material: 100% plastic

Origin: Italy

Weight: 0.18kg/deck

Shipping way: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS…

Delivery time: 2-3 days to USA and Europe

Product ID: IIMC00158

Modiano Barcode Marked Card Poker is a completely different type of invisible ink card than back marked decks. There are many websites that offer marked cards for various games, but here’s how to find decks of Modiano poker cards at competitive prices.

We all know that Modiano cards are of the highest quality as the material is 100% plastic and is commonly used all over the world. When processing cards marked with Modiano barcodes, we use different marking methods to meet different requirements of poker players and do not modify the original material.

Two methods are usually used. One of them is to make the marks last longer by roughening the edges. As you can see, the corners are slightly different from the original playing cards, but they are hard to find. In addition, the mark on this card can last him more than three months, and in some cases even two years, without opening the card. The other method makes the edges of the card smoother than the first method, but also shortens the life of the card. After a few days of use, the marks are easily noticeable. But if you change cards often, it’s fine.

Weight 0.1 kg


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