Bicycle Maiden Marked Playing Cards Red And Blue

Origin: USA

Color: Red and Blue

Package: Classic-Style Bicycle Tuck Box

Shipping: Fedex, DHL and EMS

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Product ID: IIMC00123

Bicycle Maiden Marked Playing Cards, also known as the ultimate marked cards, are one of the most popular marked playing cards in the world. Generally, poker players and magicians apply for well-known purposes. Cheating at a game or show. The main attraction of Maiden Marked Playing Cards is that whether you are an amateur or an experienced player, Maiden Ultimate Marked Poker Cards are extremely easy to play and control. I say that because you can identify each card by suit and number at a glance without having to read the face of the card. Unlike invisible ink marked cards, there are no systems, glasses, lenses, or codes to decode these maiden ultimate marked cards. With just the naked human eye, you can know each card within a second of her. What’s more, a card with Bicycle Maiden’s mark can maintain its fadeless effect for 6 months or she for a year. The texture and suppleness of unprocessed cards, and the processed Bicycle Maiden logo cards are more useful than you can imagine.

Here, available in both the standard-faced red and blue backs, plus the iconic Joker and Ace of Spades, Maiden’s back deck is like the fraternal twin of the Rider back deck. Housed in a stylish bike tuck box.

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