Fournier 2100 Contact Lenses Marked Cards with Invisible Marks

Brand: Fournier

Origin: Spain

Color: Red / Blue

Material: 100% Plastic

Supply Ability: 1000 Decks Per Month

Delivery Time: 2-5 Working Days

Application: Magic Show / Home Playing

Product ID: IIMC00141

The Fournier 2100 contact lens has a card with invisible markings and is a useful poker cheat card in Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Baccarat.

Marking cards can be used by magicians for magic performances on the street and can also be used in other types of card games. Besides, they can make a lot of money for personal gain. Do you want to control the overall situation in these games? It is used to detect cards marked with invisible luminescent ink.

Cards with contact lens marks allow you to see the invisible marks on the deck of cards more clearly. This is because when you put an infrared contact lens into your eye, your vision changes to a purplish vision that allows you to read invisible bright markings.

Poker players can use cards marked with these contact lenses to perform tricks in poker card games, primarily Texas Hold’em. Please try to imagine. If you could know the number and suit of every card during a game of poker, you could also count the results yourself, whether yours or your opponent’s cards. is it amazing

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