US Marked Cards Bee Pinochle Invisible Ink Playing Cards

Brand: Bee

Origin: USA

Size: Poker size (63x88mm)

Index: 2 regular indexes

Processed ink: Invisible ink

Application: Magic trick, casino game, gamble cheat

Product ID: IIMC00171

There are two different versions of the US Pinochle Bee card. However, both of these two versions of playing cards can be marked with invisible ink. What is the difference between the two Pinnocle Bee cards? The first version has the word “Pinnocle” on both the front and back of the pack, while the second version of the Bee Pinnocle card has the number 97 on the front of the pack. The number 67 is printed on the front. back. However, both of these two versions are paper cards.

What methods can be used to read playing cards marked with Bee pinochle invisible ink? The newest products on the market today are luminous contact lenses. Contact lenses with state-of-the-art laser dyeing system do not change the color of the user’s eyes and are harmless. Invisible Ink Another tool to read his mark is infrared sunglasses, fashionable aviator glasses. In addition, we also sell corrective contact lenses to meet the needs of most customers. Please tell us your request. For example, say you need to order a set of lenses with corrections of -3.0 and -3.5. Then customize and correct the lens. As all our customers know, we do our best to meet their needs.If you have any problems or special needs, please let us know.

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