Tricks You Can Do With a Deck of Marked Cards

A deck of marked card is an excellent tool for magicians and poker players who need to cheat. There are some things that you need to know before you purchase a marked deck.

First, a deck of marked card cards won’t perform any magic tricks on their own. You still need to create entertaining tricks that are both fun to watch and entertaining for the viewers. Many marked decks include instructional videos that teach you how to perform various card magic effects using the markings on the backs.

One of the best marked decks on the market is the Marked Maiden Back from Penguin Magic, which looks like a regular Bicycle Rider-back design, but has special secret markings that you can easily read. Two excellent tutorial videos by Rick Lax and Jon Armstrong are included to help you learn how to use these cards.

DMC Elites is another outstanding marked deck. This deck also has markings that are easy to read. This makes it an excellent choice for magicians who do their card magic at a distance.

There are several ways to tell if a deck of cards is marked. One way is to use the “riffle test” to look for physical changes to the card backs. You can also examine the corners and shape of the cards to see if there have been any changes.

You can even use a filter or a black light to detect the marks on the backs. But be careful because a deck marked with marks may not stand up to close scrutiny.

Some other tricks you can do with a marked deck include:

You can have extra protection against an alert spectator by having your deck marked. While a spectator may be capable of figuring out what you are doing, if there aren’t any hidden secrets in the deck they will not be able reverse engineer your method. This is a huge benefit to your magic. It can make your trick more entertaining and increase its effectiveness.

This will open up new possibilities for your magic by allowing you to use a variety of techniques that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. This is especially important if you are dealing with a challenging card face up or face down effect.

Because a deck can make existing tricks stronger or more powerful, some of card magic’s most successful routines have been created. This is because the deck’s markings provide information about how a card is supposed to look and where it is in the pack.