7 Ways to Use Marked Cards

You may have used marked cards in your past, whether you are a professional magician, or a poker player. But you were afraid you would get caught and perhaps even banned from the poker game. There are many options for using marked cards without getting into trouble.

1. How to Mark Playing Cards

There are three main methods of marking cards: block-out or cut-out. These techniques involve adding or subtracting something from the back design of a card. This is usually done with a razor knife or craft knife.

2. Block-out marking way is a simple technique that involves adding small white areas to the back design of a card, as well as narrowing some of the lines. This is a great technique to make the back design more visible and can be used on paper or 100% plastic playing cards.

3. The cutting method is similar to block-out. This type of marking involves removing small pieces of the card back pattern using a razor blade or craft knives.

4. Tintwork, also known as shade marking, is another way to mark cards. It uses light ink to create color differences on the back of a card’s design. This is a good option for cards with complex designs on the back. However, it can be difficult to see if you don’t wear special filtered sunglasses.

5. Video luminous marked cards are different from the traditional luminous marked decks that we know today, and can be read by wearing special filtered sunglasses or glasses. These marks cannot be seen directly by the naked eye, but are shown on a monitor in a separate room to a partner.

These cards are used for underground house games. They are the best choice for people who don’t wish to be caught but still have an advantage over the other players.

6. Although it is possible to cheat the game using the cards’ invisible nature, it is a good idea also to be aware your surroundings. You should be alert if you see someone playing high-risk hands.

7. What to Look for in the Marks

Remember that marked cards must be easy to read. It is a sign that you are using a marked deck. If you stare straight at the back of your cards, it will be obvious.

There are many ways to do this, but you’ll need to choose the best ones for the type of cards you’re using and the situation at hand. These tricks include: