The Benefits of Poker Glasses

If you have ever watched poker on TV, you may have seen a player wearing shades. This was a trend that started during the poker boom early 2000 when players, like Chris Moneymaker, began winning big in live events.

Poker glasses can make players feel confident and invincible. This feeling helps them overcome nerves and make large calls or bluffs. Sunglasses allow players to see their opponents without announcing themselves. This allows players to read tells like face touching, hand clapping and card covering without revealing any information.

However, it is important to note that poker glasses do not repeal blue light which can cause eye strain and itchiness. It is best to choose sunglasses without reflective lenses that are designed for indoor use.

Poker Armor glasses are a popular choice. They’re made specifically for playing poker and feature a gradient from light at bottom to dark top. Other options include polarized and anti-glare poker glasses. These types of glasses are better for online poker, as they help to reduce eye strain from excessive blue light from fluorescent lighting. Another option is to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses from the drugstore or gas station, which will still hide your eyes and allow you to see your cards and the table.