Marked Playing Cards With Glasses

Marked playing cards with glasses are not only a great way to cheat at cards, but they can also be used by anyone. They do not require a hidden camera. These glasses are used to see invisible codes and marks that can’t be seen by the human eye on the backs of regular cards. These codes can reveal a card’s suit and number before it is dealt. This allows you to know the other player’s card quickly, giving you an advantage in the game.

There are a variety of marks on cards. Each has its own advantages. Some cards are easy to read using a magnifying lens or a special light, while others require a more advanced reading skill and hidden equipment. Several types depend on variations in patterns, colors or shade, and are only visible to those who know what to look for. One type uses chemicals to react with a certain color of light. A small amount of this chemical applied to the backside of a card will bounce light off of the surface.

A common kind of marked playing cards is called a “juice deck.” This technique involves adding “juice” to an ordinary deck of cards to make them more transparent. While these chemicals may make some cards easier for you to read, they’re not foolproof. Reflecting light from the back of a card can reveal scratch marks or cut-out work. Moreover, some cheap solutions can dull the finish on cards and leave behind white ink marks.