SAMSUNG Mobile Phone Exchanging Cards Poker Cheating Tools

Brand: Samsung

Origin: China

Material: Metal

Function: Exchange poker cards

Used cards: Normal playing cards

Application: Texas Holdem, Blackjack

Product ID: IIMC00145

SAMSUNG mobile phone exchanging cards tool is a poker cheating device that can help you exchange the card you need during the poker game. It’s a high-tech cards exchanger that you can use it to make calls. And the most important point is that this Samsung mobile phone cards exchanger is for normal playing cards. It’s for clean cards, not the invisible ink marked cards.

How does this mobile phone cards exchanger work It’s easy and simple. The user need to hide several pieces of poker cards in the exchanging cards tool in advance, when he exchange the cards, just put the cards near the secret cards slot, and it will exchange the cards automatically. The whole course is no more than 1 second. Of course, like any poker cheating devices, this Samsung mobile phone exchanging cards tool need to practice and practice before you use in the real poker game.

Like the invisible ink and luminous marked deck, cards exchanger is super popular in magician. These cheating products are really helpful in gambling poker game, such as Texas Holdem, blackjack and other home games.

Weight 0.1 kg


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