Phoenix Back Magic Marked Playing Cards by Card Shark

Brand: Phoenix

Origin: USA

Color: Red and blue

Size: Poker size (63*88mm)

Available for: Magician

Application: Poker tricks, magic show, home playing

Product ID: IIMC00154

Phoenix backmarked poker cards by Card Shark are printed by USPCC, the same company that produces Bee, Bicycle and Fournier. Quality is trusted. The Phoenix branded playing cards also have exterior packaging similar to the Bicycle poker deck. And the design on the back is very beautiful with two phoenixes surrounded by many flowers.

Unlike other phoenix poker decks, phoenix cards shark poker cards are intended for magicians at poker magic shows, so these cards are already marked at the time of manufacture. Poker decks with the Phoenix Card Shark mark are not treated with invisible ink. The player can detect the mark with the naked eye. Numbers are hidden in the design on the back. The mark matches the design on the back of the card and is very small. If no one tells you there’s a mark, you won’t pay attention to it.

Decks with the Phoenix Ultimate mark are also available for poker gambling. You can find out the value of your opponent’s cards without the help of marked card contact lenses. It helps you make better decisions when playing poker gambling games. You can greatly increase your odds of winning.

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