Modiano Adjara Italian Marked Cards with Invisible Ink Marks

Color: Red, Blue

Material: Plastic

Size: Poker size

Face: 2 jumbo index

Package: Durable carton

Application: Poker cheating, magic shows, poker tricks

Product ID: IIMC00151

Cards with the Modiano Adjara mark are stamped from Italian playing cards with invisible ink. Invisible ink is beyond what the naked eye can see and must be detected using other devices. To our naked eye, we can’t tell the difference between Modiano Adjara-marked playing cards and regular poker cards. But when wearing infrared contact lenses, the luminous marks can be clearly detected.

Modiano Adjara poker decks can be marked with several marking methods, including printing a large font and placing the suit in the center. This is the most recommended marking method as it can be clearly seen even from a few meters away. We provide custom service, so you can design your own mark and then print it. We will meet all reasonable customer unique requirements within our capabilities.

Modiano Adjara marked playing cards are available for most casino poker gambling. And even with heavy use of the card, the marks can last for months. The marked deck should be kept in a sealed box when not being played to prevent the invisible ink marks from oxidizing.

Weight 0.1 kg


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