KEM Paisley US Marked Cards Gambling Props Playing Cards

Brand: KEM

Origin: USA

Packing: 2 decks

Weight: 0.4kg

Occasion: Magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Product ID: IIMC00182

KEM Paisley US Mark Card Gambling Props Playing Cards Here we refer to the original US KEM Paisley playing cards marked with luminescent ink for Mark Card contact lenses. This is his one of his most useful gambling props playing cards and trick cheat cards.

KEM Paisley playing cards are popular in many poker rooms and casinos in the US and other countries, so KEM Paisley US marked card gambling props are also our hot sale products.

His KEM playing cards, including Arrow KEM cards, Paisley KEM playing cards, and several other models of his KEM poker cards, are said to be free of dents and scratches due to the special materials. However, our skilled technician managed to mark his KEM card with invisible ink. KEM Paisley Playing Cards have a very specific dark pattern on the back, but the back can be marked with clear luminous ink so that infrared contact his lenses can be clearly seen.

KEM poker cards tend to go bad in the air. Please be careful if you want to buy a KEM card and enjoy the game.

Weight 0.1 kg


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