Black Plastic Casino Cheating Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera

Color: Black

Material: 100 Percent Plastic

Delivery: Three- Five Working Days

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Scanning Distance: 8-15cm and 60-80cm

Application: Casino Games and Private Card Games

Product ID: IIMC00148

Black Plastic Casino Chip Tray Poker Scan Camera is a very common poker cheating device in casino games. Chip trays are so commonplace that poker players prefer to use them with poker cheat devices because of their superior security when considering wireless cameras.

Inside the chip tray is a small camera for reading cards marked with barcodes. The scanning distance between the chip tray scanner and edge marked cards is 8-15cm, so it is suitable if you have a dealer partner. And with a much longer scanning distance, chip tray scanners are perfect for individual poker players. Of course, Chip Tray Cheat Scanner is possible. The scanning distance of the camera lens falls into his six sections from 12 to 135 cm. Of course, we can customize the scanning distance according to your requirements within this range. In this case, such an external camera for poker analyzer system can meet different needs in different situations.

Apart from high security and proper scan distance, it also has great utility as it works with all generations of poker odds calculators. The next time you are considering what kind of wireless camera to buy for your poker analyzer software, choose the black plastic casino chip tray poker cheat camera.

Weight 0.1 kg


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