Poker Analyzers Unleashed – Analyzing Hand Histories For Optimal Gameplay

Poker analyzers are now a common way to cheat at poker and can offer accurate results in a short time. They also alert you via a Blu tooth ear bud which will not draw attention from other poker players. The ear buds are available in several languages and look just like any other earbud.

For any serious player, it’s important to keep track of their hand history. To do this, most online players use programs like Poker Tracker, Holdem manager, and Hand2Note. Prospector, a software that analyzes hand histories, takes this one step further by providing actionable feedback.

Unlike other GTO solvers, this program applies to NLHE cash-game situations as well as tournaments and can be used by players of all stakes. The latest version of the program has a feature that allows users to compare their hands range-by-range to identify leaks. It’s shocking to see how much is lost due to these leaks, but it can be exciting once you identify the flaw and fix.

This program is different from others because of its clean and consistent format. It’s the most affordable among all the major software packages and is designed to work with online poker sites. You can import your hand history in just a few moments. You can find additional information on their homepage, including a comprehensive FAQ and a free trail.