Contact Lenses Can Give You an Edge in Card Games

Since generations, marked playing cards have provided large advantages. Marked cards can be used to cheat at poker, perform card tricks, or for street magicians. This is an excellent method for making a lot of money in any game and many people have success stories from using it.

Depending on how the cards are marked, the marks can be visible or invisible to the naked eye. Some common methods include using black lights, a certain color filter or the gambler’s riffle. However, these methods are not foolproof and can still be detected with a bit of work. Other techniques, like the use of luminous markings or juice, are much more effective. These methods allow for a person to be able to see marks from across the room.

In order to make a marked deck of cards, a person will first need to mark the backs of the cards. Then, they can either paint the marks onto the cards or create a special paste. The marks will then be invisible to the naked eye, but can be read by a player with a special contact lens. These lenses are similar in appearance to regular contact lens, but have a small section of black in the center. The color of this black portion will vary depending on the markings on the cards.

There are different types that can help you read marked cards. They are generally designed to be worn over a long period of time. You can find them online. They are also made from high quality materials and can be worn comfortably. Poker camera lenses and IR-reading glasses are other products that you can use to read marked cards. These lenses cost more than standard contact lenses, but can be used for a longer period of time without changing the eyesight.

Another way to read marked cards is to use a special poker analyzer. This device can scan barcodes and give a complete list of the card values. It can scan the hidden marks of a single card, and display them on the computer screen. This can be an invaluable tool in any card-game and you can find it online.

Lastly, a special contact lens can be used to detect any suspicious card movements during a game. This is useful for detecting any collusion between players or any other forms of cheating. It can be used to determine the suit and values of each card, even when they are face down. The information can then be used to predict how the game will end. This is a fantastic tool for players looking to improve their skills at poker and other games. It is also useful to street magicians.