The Evolution of Poker Cheating Devices

Cheating in poker is always a serious issue. The game is a notoriously cheater-friendly environment, where cheaters use bluffing to get an edge over their opponents. Poker has a long history of allegations of sexism and bullying, as well as coercion. The game has also seen scandals involving RFID, polygraphs, and vibrating cheating devices.

A device that can read the invisible barcodes on the back of cards is one of the most effective methods of cheating at poker. This type of device can be called a poker analyser. The poker analyzer is a special camera that scans the hidden markings on the card and sends the information to your smartphone or tablet. The device can also give you the results of gambling games via miniature earphones. The poker analyzer looks just like a regular smartphone, making it difficult to spot. Engineers have designed external cameras for poker analyzers that can be concealed in a wide range of objects, including power banks, watches, car keys and T-shirts.

There are other poker cheating devices that can be difficult to detect. Margaret, an old-timer from San Francisco, was selling what she claimed was a mechanical holdout her grandfather used in the lawless days of San Francisco to cheat at poker. This contraption consisted of a wire that ran between her knees and a device attached to her wrist. It allowed her to read cards through her pants.