The Best Marked Playing Cards for Magic

The Best Marked Playing Cards for Magic

Marked decks can be a great tool to help you improve your card magic. Many professional magicians rely upon them to help them identify the cards in their hands and act as a failsafe should something go wrong. They can also be used to improve the effect of their tricks, by knowing where and which cards to place.

There are three types of marked cards: magic trick marked cards, contact lens marked and barcode scannable cards. You need to select the right card for you. Each type has a different system of reading. Magic trick marked decks conceal markings in the back designs, which are visible with the naked eye but secret to others. They are often marked with gaffs, such as a duplicate king or a double backer. The markings are cleverly concealed so that the spectators do not notice anything fishy.

Contact lens marked decks have invisible code markings on 4 sides of the cards and need special contacts or sunglasses to be read. They also need a special reading system that can decode the markings and tell you the value and suit of the cards. A poker analyzer is the most popular system. It scans the cards and can tell you instantly the winning result.

Finally, barcode scanner marked cards have invisible barcodes all around the deck. A poker scanner is required to read them. The marks must be decoded by a software to determine the winning hands. They are most commonly used in poker games, and are least likely to be noticed by spectators.

The DMC Elites are a great option if you’re looking to buy a deck of marked playing cards that is easy to read. The markings will not require you to squint. Plus, the cards are made from Bicycle Mandolin card backs so they look like normal Bicycle cards.

If you’re an advanced card magician, you can even order custom-marked decks that are tailored to your style of play. These decks can be very effective, and they add an extra layer to your tricks. Be careful not to show your audience the cards before performing them. This could ruin the illusion. Be sure to practice them before performing in front of an auditorium. Online tutorials are the best way to learn this. There are countless videos on YouTube that show how to do the best tricks with marked cards and give tips and advice. This will ensure that your performance is perfect! When you’re ready, you will be able to show off your amazing card magic! Good luck! Good luck!