The Best Marked Decks

Marked decks are a great way to add a layer of mystery and intrigue to card magic routines. These cards have a unique marking system that makes it easy to identify the suit and value of each card in the deck.

There are many different types of marked decks on the market, but the best ones should be able to meet a few key criteria: They should be easy to read, they should look like normal decks, and they should disguise their markings enough that they don’t draw any attention from spectators.

The deck must have a good reading system. This means that you can quickly and easily read the value and suit of each card in the deck. The markings must be large enough to be easily spotted by the magician using the deck. However, they should also be large enough to not get lost or hidden under the creases of cards.

In the same vein, the markings should be placed in a design on the card back that doesn’t look too obvious to spectators, but is still cleverly hidden in enough of the artwork of the back design that it will go unnoticed by those who don’t have a keen eye. This can be a difficult balance to achieve, but if you are able to do it, your marked deck makes it easier to find information about the card by simply looking at the back.

The best marked decks use a reader system that is easy to read by a magician. Some markings are slightly larger than others to ensure they don’t get lost or discarded. The most common reader system is a one way system that instantly tells you the suit and value of each card in the deck when you touch it. But some other reader systems require that you decipher other clues.

Many of the best marked decks available are made with the magician in view. They are easy-to-read and attractive, and will attract the attention of anyone who sees them. The Jumbox(r) is a fantastic example of this: It looks like a normal deck, but has very discreet markings that allow you to identify the suit and value of each of the cards with ease.

Another example is the Ultimate Marked Deck. It was created by a group magicians and is one of the most sought-after marked decks. It’s made in a Bicycle Rider Back design and has the markings located in a spot that’s difficult for most spectators to detect.