How to Use Infrared Marked Cards to Cheat at the Poker Table

IR marked playing cards are a new kind of cheating device that can read the backs. This technology can be used in poker to increase your odds of winning and make the game more fun. You can also use it to win more money online or offline.

There are many different types of infrared markings that can be used to cheat at the poker table. These markings are placed on the backs or sides of a deck card and can only been seen with an infrared camera. Specially filtered sunglasses, contact glasses or glasses can be used to view infrared markers.

Some players use infrared markers to cheat at the poker tables and have been successful. These players have been able achieve a maximum advantage of 7 percent in the game.

The cheating system uses an infrared camera that can see markings on the backs. Once the infrared camera has scanned the cards, it can send an image of them to a computer analyzer in the pocket of the cheater. The computer analyzer then analyzes and creates a report based on the markings.

As technology advances, these cheating systems become more popular. They are becoming more effective as cheats learn how to use them and improve their game.

There is a lot of scary technology coming out of China that incorporates infrared marked cards, concealed cameras and computer analyzers. These devices combined could make cheats like silicon did for cosmetic surgeries!

Cheaters are able to mark the backs and sides of luminous juiced card with invisible ink. This invisible ink can only be seen by a specialized infrared cameras. This infrared camera can see luminous juiced pigment under certain lighting conditions. This means that it is a good way to cheat at the poker table and will not be detected by most people.

A man from Summit, New Jersey was arrested on Monday after he was accused of marking the backs of playing cards with infrared luminous ink that is only visible when a specially designed IR camera is used to see it. The man was accused of criminal impersonation as well as fraud and conspiracy for larceny.

He was convicted of all charges and is currently in jail.

The man claimed to have marked the backs a deck card at the Mohegan-Sun Casino in Connecticut. The man then went to Louisiana for bond money, and surrendered on Wednesday at Baton Rouge. He was charged with exactly the same offense.

According to reports, the man used a device named the SV-1 that cycled through a series lights frequencies to determine which wavelengths reflected paint or daub that was printed on the backs. Once he had found the right frequency, he could see the infrared daub or paint on a monitor that was incorporated into SV-1.