Analysis of Video Poker

Mike Shackleford (also known as the Wizard of Odds) gives his top 10 mistakes that video poker players commit in a two-part series called Analysis of Video Poker. The first segment covers the most common mistakes that are made when playing a video poker game and the second segment explains how to correct these errors.

Advantage Players

You can improve your odds in video poker by learning the right strategy. Before you play, it is important to understand the house edge and the variance. This will help you determine the maximum bankroll to play with. This will give you the best chance of winning.

Almost all video poker machines are variations of five-card draw poker. Some video poker machines are based upon seven-card stud but the majority of them use Jacks or Better. When playing video-poker, there is a fundamental rule: Always keep the high pair even if it’s not a Royal Flush.

Casinos find it difficult to determine how many players are able to gain an advantage in video poker. Most casinos have between 30 to 50 different games on a cabinet. Acres said his company can get inside a machine to see the coin-in/coin-out and a player’s decision making to understand what is driving the most play on that particular game. This allows marketing departments to tailor promotions to a specific group of casino gamblers.